• *Winter 2017*

    My Wednesday night handbuilding class at the Arkansas Arts Center Museum School is so friendly and relaxed I look forward to work! We've been playing with a conical bisque mold and slabs cut to fit it and making drinking vessels, rattles, a toothbrush holder ... also we're messing with sgraffito and resist decoration through underglazes, and making board-style games built into boxes with overlapping flanges ... A few of my folks are natural sculptors whose figurative embellishments on their functional pots are amazing. Just amazing.
    I hope you'll join us one of these terms. The Museum School is a good place.

  • BUTLER CENTER GALLERIES ……………………………………...

    In addition to the Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie in Stuttgart, my work is now available at the Butler Center Galleries retail gallery, 401 President Clinton Ave. in Little Rock.
    Monday-Saturday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Anytime you're downtown, please stop in there and tell them I sent you. I promise it will be worth your time. The display is beautiful and changing all the time.

  • Pinkies in Motion

    The little figures I've become obsessed with making are now moving and talking, thanks to my day job at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
    In January, I began shooting stop-motion videos every week to accompany our exercise of the week columns by Matt Parrott. The hero of these videos is Pinky, a little clay person who is about 6 years old socially.
    You can watch these videos online at www.arkansasonline.com/pinkyvideos